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Thank Goodness for Vice Breaker Nutratec!

I’ve wanted to quite for a long time and finally had success. Thanks Nutratec for Vice Breaker. I use to smoke 1/2 to 1 pack a day. The first day taking Vice Breaker I smoked 5 cigarettes; Day 2, I smoked 3; Day 3, I felt nauseous if I smoked. I really wanted to quit, tried the prescription one and many others but they all had side effects. Vice Breaker had no side effects and it helped me quit faster than I expected. Can’t thank you enough. Joanna (Toronto)

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Thanks Joanna re Nutratec’s Vice Breaker

We don’t often have results that quickly but from the many customers we’ve had a chance to speak with 95% of them have great results in the first month and as you mentioned with no side effects. That’s because it’s all natural, no drugs. Keep in touch. Nutratec – Customer Service

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Cardio to help with conquer Non Smoking

University of Western Ontario are studying if cardio can help smokers quit. Early research shows it helps with cravings, withdrawal symptoms and the problem so many quitters have, weight gain. According to Lyndsay Fitzgeorge, researcher, cardio is an important part of the non smoking program. Try Vice Breaker from Nutratec

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