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Nutratec Life Sciences produces private label health and nutraceutical products for global distribution.


Our advanced quality control testing includes:

  • Gas Chromatography
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma – Optical Emission Spectrometry
  • Ultra Violet/Visible Spectroscopy
  • Thin Layer Chromatography Fingerprint Analysis


  • Over 8 million softgels are produced every shift
  • Freeze and triple filtration compressor air system
  • Level III Hepa filtration systems
  • Humidity and temperature controlled drying rooms
  • On spot dust gathering and filtration systems
  • 3 stage reverse osmosis water supply
  • In-house laboratory testing to ensure quality
  • Blending capabilities of up to 1MT at a time


High speed packaging and labelling systems allow your products to be turned around quickly, no matter how large the order. Nutratec can deal with a wide variety of packaging and label styles, and any gel, tablet, liquid, powder, or soft gel you request can be efficiently packaged and labelled. In order for us to respond to private label inquiries, we require the following information:

  • Do you have a formula for your product?
  • What type of packaging do you want?
  • Do you require label artwork?
  • What are your estimated order volumes?
  • What is your delivery date?
  • What is your company information?


In addition to oral softgel manufacturing, we also specialize in cosmeceutical softgels designed for topical single application. Growing in popularity for their convenience and ability to conserve environmentally sensitive materials, our twist-off capsules are comparable to the finest cosmeceutical softgels on the market. Our expert formulation team are highly skilled at recreating existing products and are able to formulate new products quickly and accurately. Popular twist-off capsule products include:

  • Anti-aging creams
  • Aloe Vera creams
  • Whitening and/or lifting creams
  • Foundation and concealer creams

With a variety of capsule shapes, sizes, and a full spectrum of colours and finishes to choose from, we are able to manufacture a unique product for your specific market. We ensure a finished product that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.


Nutratec validates all third-party documentation for raw materials to ensure compliance with relevant safety and efficacy standards. During the manufacturing process, we evaluate the product at each stage of development to confirm every element of the product is aligned with your specific order and will pass our strict testing methods.


Using a stainless steel 3-D blender designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing allows Nutratec to produce a nutritional product of the finest quality. Through dual-action rotation, the rounded drum of our power blender ensures a thoroughly even consistency. With a drum capacity much larger than a standard “V” blender, our power blender also allows for increased batch production. With the addition of our screening and milling processes, we are able to produce a finished product as small as a 400 mesh size.


Our GMP manufacturing facility has been built to meet the strict requirements of Health Canada. The entire facility operates under a Level III Hepa Air Quality Filtration System which enables us to manufacture in oxygen free blending tanks to optimize our production capabilities. Our “State of the Art” bottling and shrink sleeve capabilities, ensures the quality of either a hot or cold fill production along with the finished visual effect required to meet your beverage and liquid dosage format. We also offer our SCS Technology™. This unique process allows us to manufacture liquid products without the use of preservatives. Whether you are looking for a trial batch formulation or 150,000 bottles per week, our packaging options & flexible capabilities allow us to meet your production timelines.


With the latest in hardshell manufacturing equipment, including 2 high-speed machines and a semi-automatic machine, we have the ability to produce upwards of 2 million hardshell capsules a day in standard gelatin or vegetable gelatin formats. Our high-precision milling and blending procedures and expertly calibrated machines allow us to ensure an exact consistency and precise fill rate throughout production. Whether you require a size 0, 00, or 00E hardshell, we have the technologies and professionals to create a finished product to your exact specifications and prepare it for finished packaging or bulk production shipment. We are also able to manufacture your finished product excipient free.


R&D Team has over 30 years experience in new product development and research.

  • Sports Nutrition / Powder Blending
  • Liquid Formulations
  • Complex Paste Formulations
  • Speed to Market
  • Trial Batch Capabilities for NP Launches


Nutratec houses two fully automated bottling and packaging lines within our Level III HEPA Filtered manufacturing facility. This environmental consistence ensures quality and care throughout the production of your capsule, powder, or liquid formula until your product is sealed and ready to ship. Our packaging line allows us to label upwards of 50,000 square, oblong, or standard round bottles every day and can accommodate bottle sizes from 15 ml to 1 kg. We ensure precise label application with lot numbers and expiration dates printed clearly. Heat induction seals provide tamper-evident security and if required, an additional heat shrink tunnel is available to provide a full tamper-evident body sleeve or to package multiple bottles.

For more information on Nutratec’s Private Labelling Services, please contact our head office at: Nutratec Life Sciences Inc., 2850 Argentia Road, Unit #4 Mississauga, Ontario L5N 8G4
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