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Foods Can Help Fight Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s normal response to injury. While it may be a natural defense system, it can lead to disease development if it becomes chronic. A University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) expert says one way to fight inflammation is with food.

The inflammation process has one goal: to respond immediately to detect and destroy the toxic material in damaged tissues before it can spread throughout the body,” explained Lauren Whitt, Ph.D., UAB Employee Wellness director and adjunct professor of personal health. “The trouble with inflammation occurs when the defense system gets out-of-control and begins to destroy healthy tissue, causing more damage than the original issue.”

“I encourage people to focus on eating whole foods and foods that are high in fiber,” Whitt said.

Anti-inflammatory foods to try:

• Citrus fruits — Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essential antioxidants

• Dark, leafy greens — High in Vitamin K

• Tomatoes — The fruit’s red pigment, lycopene, is a potent antioxidant

• Wild-caught salmon — Contains a rich concentration of omega-3 fatty acids

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